Because many steps brought us between life and non-life. At the interval of Being and non-Being.

Because we all fear the pain of death. And oblivion –

We are too fragile to be carried away in coffins. We are too important to be simply forgotten.

Because by conjuring the End, we filled our cemeteries with flowers and our libraries with volumes of memoirs.

And because in the end, the only thing left to remember is a scent of gas or jasmine, which reminds us of something indeterminate...

Therefore, this Performance also speaks of me, a common mortal woman, a common mortal man- what does gender matter - who wishes to reach the end - as an artist of life.

This Performance is waiting for you, your place is reserved. And it dreams of traveling a lot - with you - whoever you are - because we all make one together. We become friends and fellow travelers to the show prepared for us by Death– the greatest and oldest performer on the planet.

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