Small Decision of the Day

1.     Μικρή απόφαση ημέρας: To uncover the dreamy big toe of my right foot. To see if it still exists. And then to whisper the words so that dawn can finally break.

1α. To you, whom I always address, I decided to impose silence.

A grand oath, inevitable yet hopeful event.

Too much, if darkness didn`t exist, I would wish my walls to be colorful.

Will repentance ever be considered a miracle?

I regretted hoping too much.

I regretted not waiting on the descent.

I regretted whispering prayers and repentances.

I regretted not screaming louder than the lightning.

I regretted turning into a rock.

I regretted hitting somewhere and letting all Essence spill in vain.

I regretted that the past came and went, and I was still in the present.

That I didn`t let you fool me, most of all, I regretted that.

1β. That I understood the big mistakes, and never dared them.

2.     Τακτοποίησα ωραία τον λαιμό μου – μα τι όμορφος λαιμός. I tidied up my neck nicely – but what a beautiful neck. Tall, slightly thick, with an olive on its left side. So, I neatly tidied up my neck And parted with my future.

3.     Και καμιά φορά ξεκινάω αγώνα με τον εαυτό μου. Ποιος θα φτάσει πρώτος. Εγώ ή εκείνος… And sometimes I start a race with myself. Who will reach first. Me or him...

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