poetic performance

 The sun suddenly became small

Emitted less light

It was no longer worth looking at.

I lifted my foot, and walked over it.


I the Giant…


And I spread out in the afterlife of enlightenment.

And I saw universes inside each other.

And people-figures

to beat like flies, on the windows of their world.


I the Giant…


Where a Titan was sleeping inside me.

Always ready to be awakened by the wind.

My every word that I made up

which I gave birth to in pain

I found it sanctified

Floating like a bubble

that refracts light, that wanders,

And you`re lucky if you touch it

Without it exploding in your hands.


I the Giant…


I was afraid that one more slip,

and it`s over, I found the beginning, or guessed the end.

And I took small, careful steps,

But behind me were breaking waves, tides,

Prisoners tearing down cells

Cursed men who conjured demons.


I the Giant…


Where I held you in my arms out of love

And I opened my hands

And you were dead.


And then I was looking for a shoulder

At my height, to rely on...


I the Giant…

Became small again….

cover STEP  (END)
cover STEP  (END)
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