poetic performance


Did I make it?

Did I not make it?

Is it me or is it someone else?


Sometimes we have to tolerate ourselves.

How else to proceed?

And Fate came and divided us

It pulled the lie from us

And then, everything was the same, unified.

They spread out and took over everything.

Each of us was trying to figure it out in our own minds.

Ancient Gods and young philosophers.

I twirled with them.


That`s when I asked you for our first kiss.

Always in love with you.

Always spinning without you

Without Divine direction…


I refused. I accepted. I filled the pools with wine and blood.

Deep inside them to baptize my visions, fantasies and truths.

With those that I watered the battles. With those I envied wars.


I`ve waited years for you to bring me the candle of resurrection.

From your own hand

Extension of jealousy and love and long expectations,

Big decisions...


It was all over then.

The Cross of Truth,

we filled with flowers,

we planted it in our sternum.

And so it was now obvious,

how the sacrifice beautified us...

cover QUESTION  (1)
cover QUESTION  (1)
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