poetic performance


Even with my eyes closed,again, I can`t look at the sun.


The light pierces through me and burns me.

It opens avenues in me. Continuous flow, non-stop scrolling.

And me, all around it. And inside of it I. We coexist in the same space. We limit ourselves

exactly the same set. Individual, distinct, different, with mass, or density,

altered but common course.

May the explosion blow you up. If he hasn`t dismembered you first...

With the same joy, I will rejoice in my every destiny.

It glows and dims and is always easier to see in the dim light. To distinguish. To be able to distinguish details, human behaviors, points and everything that is composed of the two. And then triple-wise, to search, to learn, to connect dots to suspect the Maximum.


At the end of one thing, the Beginning of another. This is how the great chains of our own life are formed.


Let`s stay here.

Simple, happy, enlightened. We have already accomplished so much.

Let`s steal some of the sun`s heat,

And while great powers are fighting within us,

leave me here,

With a greek coffee, on forgotten shores,

to read sunrays, planets

and that old love letter, which has now turned yellow

and yet still within me

it blows up the foundations of the Universe.

cover DISCOVERY  (2)
cover DISCOVERY  (2)
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