"It was 2018


And I reached this point.

With hands emerging from the walls -

Demons chasing me amidst wheels, and only watering them with tap water - not even holy water.

And then living in the dreams of giants. The Great Self.

From the gray, that`s where I come from, from an endless entrapment.

From the eternal. I walked with the smell of death. Without escaping.

And I followed Mysteries and religious leaders and healers. And ordinary people, poor and rich, and beloved people.

I passed through the fire. And, of course, I burned. Who ever passed unscathed?

Don`t listen to the parables. Fire burns, Water drowns, Air uproots, and Earth buries. Just like that.

To fight futility for 46 whole years. 46 whole years.

And so unexpectedly, the embrace dawned.

The most beautiful gift to people is this only futility. And our toughest devil, anticipation!

happy birthday to me

cover 2018 - ANNIVERSARY
cover 2018 - ANNIVERSARY
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