And many places, buildings, and spaces came into my dream.

And a nostalgia seized me.

For all that we experienced, simple and complex, and tearful...

How much I have cried.. for loves, for journeys, for everything approaching and suddenly lost. And then,

how much I have laughed, a deep laughter,

as if emerging from the depths of the earth and spreading across everything, the Whole.

All these things came into my dream.

It seemed like a farewell.

Sunless rooms, closed doors. And something passed by me, and with the corner of my eye, I felt only its movement.

Time and dimensions. They bid me farewell forever. Or for now...

"There are some qualities—some incorporate things,

  That have a double life, which thus is made

A type of that twin entity which springs

  From matter and light, evinced in solid and shade."*

Slowly, ceremoniously, I welcomed Imagination.

The one and only function of the Mind that can and is responsible for Change, for Creation. The only path that the Creative Creator can tread.

The flame that illuminates—without the dissolution of darkness. Embracing the darkness and reflecting the Idea.

The only gateway to the infinite Chaos, which does not desire to bring it into order.

*From "SILENCE" by Edgar Allan Poe

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