Do you think you know?

How whenever you needed her, she was there?


Nothing but lies.

When you were a child, you tried to escape through nightmares.

Trapped between what exists and what you fight, silent.

And then, you would write, but speaking made you tremble.

The speed around you frightened you.

And you didn`t reach out to stop the passerby and tell them...

And later, in the first loves, tears and deaths, all silent.

And when your hands were filled with needles and threads, you had to be strong, without words. To endure.

And then, the iron smelled burnt on your skin. It was pointless; no one listened.

And the time you shouted, shouted at small children. In vain. They had already closed their ears with their hands.

And a mother once, when you needed her, the only time you called her, simply didn`t hear you.

Even to God, when Injustice was evident, your sound was inappropriate.

For once, just once, let me be heard. Let me hear the tone of my voice.

For once, listen to me screaming.

cover VOICE
cover VOICE
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