Empty Space


Kapela thoughts dark hidden







Artista Xanthie (Xanthie Tavoularea) welcome us into the secret world of her hats.

We will meet hats theatrical, artistic reliefs. We will meet thoughts, we will perhaps shed some light on the abyss of ideas

In every hat, there is an empty space, for the eyes of the world.

A space that, however, is filed with intangibles, with ideas, with dark, hidden thoughts.

Nothing can escape from this place. Only to be transferred. Inside the hat, in another Mind, in a different receiver.

No one knows what arises, what they may see, hear, or think, looking deeply into a hat.

This is the point of the excibition – performance.

To discover what can be hidden under or inside the hats.

To explore the power it gives us (or the power it takes away), the object that animates our higher self.

To play with words, with images, with ourselves.

Exhibition – Performance

Title: Empty space/ kapela thoughts dark hidden

Artist/Performer: Artista Xanthie (Xanthie Tavoularea) 

Place: Gallery megArt - Athens

28 January 2023 – 18:30

cover Empty Space
cover Empty Space
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