my Dear Friend

I am talking to you.

Where tonight your life changes again.

Dear friend, but my words only reached your ears.

From my heart, I wish for you to be guided correctly.

Into a life filled with light.

You don`t depend on who or what.

You are stronger than that.

It`s you.

Let the smile come from your Source, and not just from your lips.

From there, let words and thoughts begin.

Trust your imagination.

It guides us.

It always guided the kind of people.

(Do not be frightened that the great and powerful of the earth have recently forgotten it.

Just a wrong move...)

And believe!

When you truly fill yourself with irrational faith in the Whole,

The disturbances do not bother you.

Follow their rhythm, and you will sail beautifully, like a traveler...

Walk confidently,

Move forward, and the roads around you will open.

Listen, to whispers and commands.

Only there will you find the certainty and security you crave to feel.

I am talking to you, my dear friend.

I give you the instructions entrusted to me.

For a life with cinnamon, cloves, basil and mint.

With blue and light.

cover my Dear Friend
cover my Dear Friend
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