Aesop’s Puppet fables


7 Aesop’s fables

A special performance, based on the book by the same name.

7 Aesop’s fables in Puppet Theater.

The puppets are the same

as the puppet cut-outs provided at the end of the book

(just bigger in size).

It was a big challenge to bring those two dimensional puppets to life,

to define their movement and their speech.

A play with our friends: Lion, Mouse, Hare, Turtle,  Fox, Crow, Mosquito! 

Scripts - Director: Xanthie Tavoularea

Performing: Georgia Zachou, Nedi Agapiou

Theatre props / Costumes / Puppets :

Premier: 3 Jule 2022, at Veikou Park

cover Aesop’s Puppet fables
cover Aesop’s Puppet fables
cover Aesop’s Puppet fables
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