Self Expression – Explosion de soi

Performance – Self Expression – Explosion de soi


It was the only way. It is the only way.

If we are here to express ourselves, my way of expression, my way to be Me, are my Puppets and my Speech.

In Performances, Events, Plays.

My attempt to interact with the world, the People, maybe the Angels, that inspired from the Earth, create our Sky.

Thus I am always creating, without a pause, without a break - I have to say as much as possible in the time given. I make the Puppets, I give them Speech and they wake up and make their own stories.

They live the tales (or even reality) and with them I live as well. Instead of them keeping me company, I set them free and let them guide me there, where my thoughts are still full of new, unshaped ideas.

Every puppet ever made plays only (exclusively) in its own story. For each performance new, unique puppets are made.

Each performance - each event- each story that is being told, includes a thousand others that are being kept secret.

It’s full of pain from giving birth, of pleasure, dark alleys, cut off limbs, random accidents, lots of blue, lots of gold and red, an infinite red, that tree that burned up on the mountains, a deadly conversation between the autumn sea and people, and friends that are nothing else but empty skulls - skulls with hair- and an unspoken, unfulfilled wish to be complete.

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cover Performance
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