Point in the Sky

So there is, That point in the sky

Where souls gather to descend…

And then, once you reach the earth, you struggle to ascend again.

You are fortunate if you manage to return to the starting point while your matter still breathes. Many times, you tried.

For you, the colors up there are azure-green, fluid, ethereal.

You made more effort, and you fall to the earth with momentum - because that`s the only way to catch up.

Friction, speed, the density of the lower colors, burn you.

But you arrive. In a human moment, you are among the living again. With a blackened appearance, as if immersed in coal.

And the time has come - now that you know where you started - to cleanse, to purify, and with a radiant glow, move towards the highest point.

Up there, the colors were transparent and clear, and there was no warmth.

cover Point in the Sky
cover Point in the Sky
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