From Ancient Wise Teachers,

I received a message of war:

"To march with victorious shouting"

And I loaded gunpowder into my rifle.

Then, I heard the words of Gods and Angels:

"Inappropriate and inhumane, do not behave thus"

And without battles anymore, I lit only candles

and burned incense of jasmine and roses.

That`s when the Demons descended from the heavens,

I seized them with symbols and symbolism close to me.

Bound with ropes,

They conceded the cross, the triangle, and a large circle.

Slyly, stepping lightly, the days and the mighty Time bound us...

Until heavy bonds, dragging chains, Chaos devoured you sip by sip,

Something like Love...

In this way, misted in my eyes and clouded a vision.

A AND was written as if from clouds, that`s how I read it.

Perhaps late, but I understood.

I laughed loudly then, so much that inside me I swelled and gave birth to Teachers and Gods and Demons myself.

And I started again from the beginning. This AND, again and even after...

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