And then what?

How can you, Euridice live after that on earth?

How much love can you spend on mortal nights?

And then what?

Going back again, to where you once came from?;

This repetition is harder, you see, than actual death itself.

This repetition, no one can call Immortality.

Once in your place, I’d do the same. I’d call my lover’s name, I’d scream, I’d whisper


With love, with despair, with sadness, with everything I thought would move him.

How can you say NO? To him, that came down to Hades to save you - because he thought he would.

How can you say I DON’T WANT TO, I’M NOT COMING.

How can you explain that you’re no longer alive?

That the sun is too bright for your eyes to see.

That everything that comes up from below turns to dust. Gray figures, fugitives.

How can you pass from the Spring of Lethe in reverse?

And then…how can you love once again the ones you once lost?

How to find the strength to start over again?

Once in your place, Euridice, I’d choose History too.

cover Euridice
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