poetic performance


I was told that reality is an illusion.



Shaped in the likeness of God,

In fiery waters, of the spirit of the Holy flame-giver, baptized,

My five edges, five senses, five corners of a star

God and I, Creator of Realities and Worlds and Ideas.

And continuous cycles, to evolve into my own infinity.

Waves crash, one Word after another,

and from the depths of the Self, burst forth upon the rocks of Form,

of the image of God

how true, the intersection of parallels freed us...

everything meets somewhere, we all hold hands at the beginning...


Before all there was Speech...

The thought came later, I created it.

I composed it.

I filled it with rules.

I measured the land and demarcated it.

I remeasured the land, and set it free.


cover REALIZATION  (3)
cover REALIZATION  (3)
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