How to explain this NOT to you?

I am not, we are not. We didn`t play together today, we don`t fit, we didn`t talk. It wasn`t me.

Whatever you touch, leaves a scent to follow.

And as I get closer, I move further away.

I don`t reach. I`m not enough.

The Day of Birth has not yet come.

Maybe it won`t come. Ever.

And then you thought we loved each other a lot.

You believed our bodies would touch,

Far from here, even then.

But matter and mourning never left us.

So how could our true bodies touch?

They didn`t exist. We couldn`t make them real.

In the biggest Not, you couldn`t endure. You died.

On the first day, you died because you slipped on spilled oil. You almost died.

On the second day, you died because the tire burst. You almost died.

On the third day, you died because you leaned over the bridge. You almost died.

On the fourth day, you died because alcohol burned you. You almost died.

On the fifth day, you died because you gripped the knife deeply. You almost died.

On the sixth day, you died because you loved too much. You died.

On the seventh day, you never created it.

cover THIS NOT
cover THIS NOT
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