Demon Residing within me

Demon - starless, lightless,

Residing within me,

It troubles and roars every time I take away

a hair from the head, or from the hand, or even from the pubic area.

Genderless, yet penetrating,

Ugly, yet enchanting,

Sacred - unspeakably impious, toying with every sacred thing.

A powerful demon - omnipotent, higher and wilder than the established,

A demon called Love, Eros, Passion.

Invincible demon,

Residing within me,

Hostile demon,

Residing within me,

Playful demon,

Residing around and playing with me.

The demons within me are many, unknown strangers,

Friendly to my immediate surroundings,

Surrounding me with flowers and flores para los muertos.

cover Demon Residing within me
cover Demon Residing within me
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