Discover the stories behind...
CINDERELLA - the Light- THE PERFORMANCEA fairy tale- performance- with puppets
Christbirth – ARTISTIC PERFORMANCE Attributed to the Holy Night of Time
Lysistrata By Aristophanis
The Ugly Duckling By Hans Christian Andersen
The hour of the Devil or a Masquerade Party
Empty Space- the performanceKapela dark thoughts hidden
HELENby Euripides
The Matchmaker By Thornton Wilder
Family StoriesBy Biljana Srbljanović
God’s Myths from Olympus7 Myths of the Olympian Gods
The Enchanted Soul by Romain Rolland (French Nobelist)
Aesop’s Puppet fables 7 Aesop’s fables
THE MAGIC FLUTEthe fairytale from Mozart`s Opera
OrestiaBy Aeschylus
3 Kalikantzari and 1 ShoeBased on the traditional fairy tale: the Kalikantzari and the shoemaker.
Colored Women By Vasilis Ziogas
The little Dreamer By Manos Zervakis
The Nightingale By Hans Christian Andersen
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